Our Approach


Unique Strategy

The cancer community is focusing on neo-antigens produced during DNA replication.  The conclusion is that all tumors have different mutations, requiring a complicated, time-consuming and expensive process to create a personal cancer vaccine.  We have discovered net-antigens produced in transcription and RNA splicing. These errors create highly immunogenic Frameshift antigens.  These are produced much more frequently than at the DNA level and they are predictable. This could enable a much simpler, faster and less expensive method to produce personal cancer vaccines. It may even be possible to produce a generally used cancer vaccine.  


Current Status

The personal and general vaccines have been tested in 1000s of mice.  This has demonstrated that the personal and general cancer vaccines are feasible and safe.  The vaccine will be composed of 20 tested Frameshift peptide antigens.  The arrays for screening for personal antigens have been developed and are being improved. The dog version of the vaccine has been tested for safety in 3 dogs and no safety problems were noted.  


Next Steps

 Dog trials to test the personal vaccine technology will soon enroll.  We have designed and enlisted the centers to conduct a 800-1600, owner enrolled preventative cancer trial in dogs 6yrs or older.  Funding for this trial is being developed. If any of these trials are supportive, human trials will be initiated.