Stephen Albert Johnston, CEO

Kathryn Sykes, Ph.D

Kathryn has over 20 years of experience developing innovative molecular and chemical technologies to manipulate the immune system toward better health. She is currently the VP of Research at HealthTell, Inc., a biotech company in diagnostics. Prior to HealthTell, she was an Assistant Professor in the School of Life Sciences at the Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University.  At the University of Texas Southwestern Medical she developed technologies that became the basis of a Texas biotechnology company merged with MacroGenics, Inc. As their Director of Research she implemented high-throughput, synthetic methods for genetic engineering and a combinatorial approach to antigen discovery. Dr. Sykes received her B.S. in Biology and Economics from Duke University and her Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Duke University Medical Center. She has authored more than 35 peer-reviewed publications and holds 23 patents and patent applications.

Neal Woodbury, Ph.D

Professor Neal Woodbury received his B.S. degree from UC Davis and his Ph.D. degree from the University of Washington, Seattle in 1986.  He then performed postdoctoral research at the Carnegie Institution of Washington, and later at Stanford University.  He joined the faculty of the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department at Arizona State University in 1988. Since that time, the department has evolved into the School of Molecular Sciences and he currently serves as its first Director.  He is also a faculty member in the Center for Innovations in Medicine in the Biodesign Institute.  Dr. Woodbury is very interested in the role of chemical diversity, both static and dynamic, in nature and the applications of chemical diversity to practical problems.  He has made many contributions to basic knowledge of the bacterial photosynthetic reaction center. He has also been deeply involved in technologies for patterned fabrication of molecules on surfaces, constructing and evaluating the function of large in situ synthesized molecular libraries and the concept of nanoscale control of molecular assembly.  Dr. Woodbury’s work is almost entirely collaborative.  He works closely with a number of other groups at ASU and elsewhere in the investigations described above.  He is also a Founder, with Stephen Albert Johnston, of HealthTell, Inc.